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Competition Instructions

  • This is a yearly competition.  Teams will be added until mid-September and contact info distributed to all teams. 
  • Competition is open to all Womens College Club Teams within 3 hours travel distance of Philadelphia PA.
  • Interested teams should use the Contact Us page on this site.  We will email you for necessary information.  Once we get it, your team captain will receive a password to add matches and report scores on the CC Cup Reports page.
  • You do all your own scheduling.  Play everyone once.
  • You are not forced to schedule any match, but if you don't play then there is no possibility of earning any points.
  • Matches should be played between September & April 15.
  • Home team will supply a qualified referee(s), the match ball, an appropriate size field, with visible lines, corner flags, and nets.
  • Matches preferably are full length (90 minutes), but reasonably shortened matches are acceptable in a tournament or round-robin.  No overtime or tiebreakers, unless both teams agree before the start of the match.
  • If teams play each other in a tournament, this may be used as long as both teams agree prior.  Matches should be at least 25 minute halves.
  • Play your match.
  • Both teams report the score.  If it matches, the standings will be updated as soon as possible.  If there is a discrepancy, both teams will be contacted to iron it out.
  • On April 15, the team with the most points is awarded the perpetual trophy.  They may affix a plate with their name & year won to the trophy.  Keep the hardware until it is won the following year.
  • Some quick notes: This is not a league. There is no fee to participate. You are not required to play any games, but obviously you cannot win if you don't play. This is a perpetual trophy, just like the Stanley Cup you get it until the next winner is announced. You can use individual or tournament matches, as long as both teams agree beforehand. We will try to schedule the 2012-13 competition  in Spring 2013.  You can also request to start in Sept 2013 if you like.

rev 10/20/12

Previous Winners

2001-12   no competition
2000-01  Princeton University
1999         no competition
1998-99  University of Pennsylvania

Current Competition


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